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In some locations, land values have risen sufficiently to justify buying properties that were developed many years ago, where the land value exceeds the value of the building. Typically, these plots were either not developed to their maximum property investment potential or have been acquired as part of a site assembly to create a larger site that could support a much bigger development. In other cases, the design of the old building no longer matches the current requirement of occupiers and it is either not possible or financially viable to renovate the property. In the case of the Bank of Ayudhaya Building on the corner of Wireless Road and Ploenchit Road, the Bank has almost completed the total redevelopment of their site. In other cases, owners are prepared to put their land for sale outright for local and international developers interested in Thailand real estate.


As land prices in the CBD continue to grow, developers and investors have started to focus their attention to locations on the fringes of the CBD. Successful projects in these fringe locations must be served by most of the key criteria which include mass transit stations, amenities, and critical infrastructure. Large scale mixed use developments such as Grand IX at the corner of Rama IX Road and Ratchadaphisek Road and the recently launched first phase of the new Singha Complex Development on the corner of Petchburi Road and Asoke Montri Road are two examples.


Over time we expect to see more developments like this, probably in established locations close to mass transit stations. These types of developments also have a significant impact on the local area, improving the attractiveness, creating demand for more commercial and residential space and in turn creating demand of Bangkok property for sale for new developments. These factors are a catalyst driving demand for land and thereby increasing land price in the area.